You can apply for your provisional licence online, click here, or pick up a D1 form which is available from selected Post Office branches. You must be at least 15 years and 9 months old to apply.

Yes, you will definitely be driving on your first lesson.

If you are new to driving, your Instructor will drive you to a suitable location to get you started. It’s vital that your first few lessons are conducted in an area that will ensure your success and build your confidence.

Your Instructor will take a few minutes to record your licence details, test your eyesight and explain how to adjust your seat, head restraint and make sure you are comfortable.

He/she will then explain the controls that you will need to operate during your first lesson.

You will then be given a briefing on the move off and stop procedure with a short discussion to ensure you understand what is required. Your Instructor will then give you full talk through and guide you through your practical driving session. You will be able to learn at your own pace and your lesson will progress as and when you feel ready.

All your lessons will be structured using Client Centered Learning to ensure you receive the maximum value for your money. Your early lessons will be in quiet areas, mainly on housing estates so you can build your confidence.

Yes, we do.

We suggest that, if possible, you purchase a block of ten hours to benefit from the £20 discount. If for any reason you are not delighted with your instructor and your tuition, we will make a refund for any unused lessons purchased.

Full lesson pricing details can be found by clicking the ‘Lesson Prices’ button.

We want to offer you the best value for your money and recommend 2 hour lessons.

You may be thinking of taking 1 hour lessons and just to be clear and give you a balanced view, there is nothing wrong with 1 hour lessons, we just feel that they offer less value for your money as they prolong the learning period substantially.

Another of the drawbacks is having to take time from your lesson to drive to a suitable location that is relevant to cover the topic and then having to drive back again.

So, should you prefer to take less than two-hour lessons, we would not be the right driving school for you as we don’t offer them.

Yes, we do but only in the Canterbury & surrounding area.

We find that taking a 2 hour lesson every week, proves to be the most successful strategy for most students. Two-hour lessons would be far more beneficial to you. You will learn far more for your money and you will also be test ready sooner. You will have a decent amount of condensed learning in one go with time to digest and be focused for your next lesson.

Sometimes students think that they would be unable to concentrate for a period of two hours, but this is why we would ‘chunk’ your lessons and break up the two hour slot to cover several topics, just as they do in the school curriculum to keep the learning fresh and focused.

Taking a regular weekly lesson has proven success as it provides continuity, the retention of knowledge and it will reduce your learning period. We will aim to offer you a regular lesson slot that you can book in advance and keep from the time you commence your lessons until you pass your test.

You will also be able to book more than one lesson slot per week should you wish to reduce your learning period and be test ready sooner. (Subject to instructor availability)

Yes, we do offer lessons on Saturdays but not on Sundays unfortunately.

Saturday lessons are always in high demand and will be subject to availability.

It’s almost impossible to know until you begin your tuition.

The DVSA suggest that the average is around 46 hours, but we find that most of our students are test ready much sooner. It really does depend on the individual, but our recommendation is to book ten hours of lessons and once completed, you will have a much better idea of the number of lessons you will need.

You can pay for your lessons 24/7 by the following methods.

Card payment – Via the website Here

Bank Transfer:

Account Name, John Harvey Driving School Limited

Account Number, 99174251

Sort Code, 60-04-27

Please use the instructors surname and the student taking lessons surname as the payment reference. EG, Harvey/Andrews

Payment Link – For new customers only taking advantage of our ‘Try Us & See’ offer.

We do not accept any payment on the day of your lessons as payment needs to be made 48 hours in advance.

We will always pick you up at your preferred location. That could be from home, college, work or anywhere else you choose. We will also drop you off at your preferred location. This is subject to travel time for your instructor. Also, we won’t pick you up from home and finish at work that is in a different town.

Yes. We have female instructors who teach both manual & automatic covering Canterbury and the surrounding areas.

We are very proud of our 1st time pass rate and our instructors deserve a lot of credit for their hard work. It’s impossible to give the exact % as we have tests almost every day and it will continually change.

When you choose your driving school , ensure you make the correct decision and avoid the costly mistakes that force over 30% of all local learners to change their instructor before reaching test day.

It really depends on when you would be available to take your lessons.

If you would like to contact us by using one of the methods on the Contact Us page with the days and times you are available, our customer services staff will check and get back to you ASAP.

That is a very good question. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and lessons that produce results.

We have one of the highest graded driving instructors, John Harvey, in the UK in our team and every instructor in the driving school was trained by him.

Most people wrongly assume that all driving instructors are the same!

Please check out our Customer Review page or our Google Reviews to see what customers think of us and see why we are worth the extra expense!

Remember the hidden cost of cheap! Ask yourself, WHY are they so cheap?

Yes, we do but it will depend on the circumstances.

Most of our instructors do not possess special training nor pretend to be experts for certain disabilities.

The best advice I can give you is to contact our customer services and discuss your requirements.

Unfortunately, We do not have any specially adapted cars.

We do not have any instructors that are trained in sign language. We do however know of an instructor who is BSL level 2 trained and will be happy to put you in touch with him.