Automatic Driving Lessons in Canterbury
You may find it easier to learn to drive in an automatic car

We provide automatic driving lessons in the Canterbury area. There are many reasons why people choose to learn in an automatic car, they may struggle with gears or the clutch or are worried about stalling.

For some an automatic car gives you more time to concentrate on the road and what is happening around you.  Learning in an automatic is often less stressful and people find they progress quicker and pass their test more quickly than learning in a manual car.

There are many more automatic cars available now, both large and small, one thing to remember though, is that, if you pass your driving test in an automatic car you are only entitled to drive an automatic and must take another test should you ever wish to drive a manual car.

Please Note: We only offer Automatic driving lessons in Canterbury, or find out more about our manual driving lessons.

Pros of Driving an Automatic Car

  • It’s quicker to learn in an automatic car

  • There is no risk of stalling

  • They’re easier in heavy traffic

  • Automatic cars are gaining in popularity

  • Automatic cars can be easier on steep hill starts

  • Gives you more time to concentrate on what is happening around you

Automatic ‘Try Us & See’ Deal

Your first block of 10 hours tuition for only £350!*

*T&C’s apply

Customer Reviews

Ellen Stafford

I never thought I would pass my driving test, let alone with a clean sheet (zero faults)!!

 would defiantly recommend the school as my driving experience with John made something that I hated doing enjoyable. Having such clear explanations really helped.

Ellen Stafford
Adam Lee-Browne

I always enjoyed my lessons and found it a really friendly experience.

John was always calm, to the point which I found reassuring especially in the early stages of my learning process.

I always enjoyed my lessons and found it a really friendly experience.

Adam Lee-Browne
Mac Love

I found learning to drive simpler than I thought it would be! John teaching methods were very good, he was always calm and patient.

Mac Love

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